Audiology Testing

The Express Diagnostics Audiology service involves assessment, management and therapeutic rehabilitation of people with hearing problems and associated disorders. We use various testing strategies to review patients of all ages from children through to working adults and the elderly. Further to this we arrange hearing aid provision and maintenance for those who require it.

Audiology is an expanding field of clinical science and technology and is expected to grow faster than average. This is because hearing loss is strongly associated with aging, rapid growth in the population age 55 and over will cause the number of persons with hearing impairment to markedly increase.

Express Diagnostics has a team of highly trained and experienced Audiology staff, all of which are BAA (British Academy of Audiology) registered. From initial assessment to hearing aid fitting and repair you can be assured your patient will receive the best and most up to date service currently available.

Initial Assessment Screening Test

The Audiologist will ask the patient for a brief history of their hearing problem. We will also ask about how their hearing problems are causing them difficulties.
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Hearing Aid

If a patient has been advised that they would benefit from a hearing aid(s) then our Audiologist will speak with them about the type of hearing aid that is best.
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