24 Hour Ambulatory ECG Monitoring (Holter)

24 hour ambulatory ECG monitoring is a continuous three lead digital recording of your patients ECG over a 24 hour period. As it can be worn during the patients regular daily activities, it helps your medical team correlate symptoms of dizziness, palpitation and syncope. Since the recording covers a full 24 hour period, on a continuous basis, Holter monitoring is much more likely to detect an abnormal cardiac rhythm when compared to an ECG which captures a 10 second moment in time. 24 hour ambulatory ECG monitoring can also evaluate your patient’s ECG during episodes of chest pain, during which time there maybe tell-tale changes to suggest an element of ischemia with the heart.

Express Diagnostics has a team of highly trained and experienced cardiac specialists who analyse all Holter data received at our centre. For each recording submitted, the medical team will receive back a written report breaking down all the key features of the cardiac rhythm over the 24 hour period complete with ECG strips of events raised in the written report.