7 Day Cardiac Event Monitor

An event monitor is very similar to a Holter monitor. The 7 day cardiac event monitor commonly records a continuous two lead digital recording of your patient’s ECG over a 7 day period. Further advances in this technology now allow us to offer analysis for longer periods of time, with solely abnormal rhythms being recorded by the device.

As it can be worn during the patient’s regular daily activates, it helps your medical team correlate symptoms of dizziness, palpitation and syncope. Since the recorder is in situ with your patient for a long period it is much more likely to detect an abnormal cardiac rhythm when compared to an ECG or even a Holter monitor.

Express Diagnostics has a team of highly trained and experienced cardiac specialists who analyse all event monitored data received at our centre. For each recording submitted, the medical team will receive back a written report breaking down all the key features of the cardiac rhythm over the period complete with ECG strips of events raised in the written report.