Hearing Aid Advice

Looking for Hearing Aid Advice?

If you have been advised that you would benefit from having a hearing aid(s) then our Audiologist will speak with you about the type of hearing aid that is best for you. They may take an impression of your ears so that a customised ear mould can be made for you. This has to be sent away – we will be in touch to make a follow-up appointment as soon as it returns, usually within 4 weeks.

At your next appointment, we will fit your hearing aid, program it to match your type and degree of hearing loss, and give you full instructions on how to use and control it. Everything we tell you with your hearing aid advice will be written down so you don’t have to remember everything straight away.

6-8 week follow up appointments

We will arrange a follow-up telephone call 4 weeks later to see how you are progressing and to arrange an appointment to make any alterations that are needed. However, if you experience any difficulties before your follow-up then please get in touch straight away.