24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

Why do I Need a Blood Pressure Monitor?

Your doctor has discovered some unusual blood pressure readings whilst at the surgery and has asked for your blood pressure to be monitored over a 24 hour period. This is standard practice set out in current national guidelines.

The 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor will monitor your blood pressure over this period. The results will allow your doctor to know if your blood pressure requires medication to allow tighter control, or if further investigation is required.

What is a 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor?

The Blood Pressure Monitor is a small computerized device approximately the same size as a Walkman. It is used to regularly test your blood pressure over the course of the day. To attach the monitor you have a cuff placed onto your arm, much in the same way as you would have done at your doctors surgery. A rubber cable comes from this cuff and is attached to the front of the blood pressure monitor itself.

Once attached, the Blood Pressure Monitor is placed within a small pouch and then worn around your waist by way of a belt. The monitor will inflate the cuff and perform a blood pressure recording every 30 minutes on a continual basis over the 24 hours.

Preparing for 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

We recommend that you wear a two-piece outfit with a loose top, as you will need to remove your top (women may keep their bra on). Your top will also need to be placed comfortably over the cuff that will be placed on your arm.

Setting up a 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. When you arrive to be fitted with your Blood Pressure Monitor, you will be asked to strip to your waist (women may keep their bra on).
  2. A qualified member of the Express Diagnostics team will perform a normal blood pressure recording using an additional monitoring device or standard sphygmomanometer.
  3. A second blood pressure recording will be performed using the monitor that you will be wearing for the period. This allows the Express Diagnostics staff to know the machine has been calibrated properly.
  4. You will then be asked to sit in reception for 30 minutes to await the first blood pressure recording. Once successful you will be allowed to go home and carry on with your normal everyday activities.

Tips for Successful Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Throughout the test, you can store the Blood Pressure Monitor in a pouch that sits on a belt placed around your waist.
  • Bear in mind that any strenuous activities may interfere with some of the blood pressure recordings.
  • Be careful not to get the Blood Pressure Monitor or cuff wet. You will not be allowed to bathe or shower whilst wearing the monitor.
  • In bed at night several people find that placing the Blood Pressure Monitor under their pillow is more comfortable than having it around their waist.
  • When the cuff is inflating to perform a measurement, try to relax your arm so that the cuff does not get confused with muscle movement.

Keeping a Blood Pressure Monitor Event Diary

You will be given a diary to help with the analysis and to make a more accurate evaluation of your 24 hour blood pressure recording. Please keep a concise note of your activities as well as recording any symptoms you may have during the recording, along with their time, duration and circumstance.

Returning the Blood Pressure Monitor

When you have worn the Blood pressure Monitor for 24 hours, please return it to our reception desk in the padded envelope provided, along with your complete event diary and all accessories.

Your 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor Results

The results from your 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor will be sent to your doctor who will call you in for a further appointment if necessary.