Lung Function Test

Lung test results

Why do I Need a Lung Function Analysis Test?

Your doctor wants to have the volume and function of your lungs measured. This will allow the doctor to assess any breathing difficulties you may have and how best to treat them or schedule further investigation into what might be causing them

What is a Lung Function Test?

A Lung Function test measures how well your lungs perform. It is used to look for the possible cause of breathing problems such as asthma and bronchitis. In doing a Lung Function we can measure the following:

  • Your lung volume (amount of air you hold in your lungs). This amount is compared to that of other people of your age, weight, height and sex.
  • The amount of air you can expel from your lungs within a given time period.
  • The effectiveness of any breathing medications you may take in the form of inhalers or nebulisers.

What will happen at my Lung Function Test

To start, we will measure your height and weight. Once completed, all your details will be entered into our computerised system. You will be asked to take a seat, and keeping a straight back with your feet firmly on the floor, will then be instructed on how to perform the test. You will be asked to take a deep breath and then gently expel the air into a tube that you will be given. You will be expected to do this a minimum of three times.

Once complete, the lung function analysis test is performed once again but you will be asked to expel the air as quickly as possible. Again, this will be performed three times. If your doctor wishes to measure the effectiveness of your inhalers then you will then be advised to take them and wait for 15 minutes in reception. After this 15 minute break, you will be asked to perform the two tests once again.

Your Lung Function Analysis Test Results

Your results will be sent to your doctor, who will contact you to make a further appointment with them at the surgery if they feel it would be appropriate