Remote ECG Interpretation

ECG Partners

Express Diagnostics offers GP Practices and Medical Centers access to expert interpretation of 12 lead ECG’s. Since the formation of the company in 1994 we have interpreted in excess of 1 million ECG’s.

Practices that have their own compatible ECG machine or one of our ECG partner (Mortara Dolby, Spacelabs Healthcare or GE Medical) machines can transmit their ECG’s to us digitally and securely in addition to having the choice of turnaround times and interpretation provision. Therefore it is not always necessary to replace existing equipment in GP surgeries to provide a cost effective reporting service.

Many surgeries do not review a sufficient number of 12 lead ECG’s to be able to interpret them confidently and therefore make appropriate referrals. Due to this, surgeries refer many of their patients for secondary care appointments unnecessarily.

Express Diagnostics Remote ECG Monitoring Service allows for an enhanced convenience for the patient as well as enabling GP’s to make better informed diagnosis and referral. This in turn creates significant financial savings for the surgeries, CCG’s, and in the long term the NHS generally.

The service includes:

  • Choice of multiple turnaround times for interpretation
  • Choice of standard data analyst interpretation or cardiologist interpretation with suggested pathway referral
  • Simple and safe data transfer, including transfer via N3
  • ECG device rental
  • ECG device purchase

If you require further information or would like to discuss your current needs and requirements please contact us.