Home Diagnostics

A direct to patient, no referral required, no hassle, cardiac diagnostics service using the latest, state of the art, Covid-safe, Holter recorder for you to fit in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

How does it work?

  • Call our appointments team Tel 01752 201144
  • We deliver the pack to your door - includes the device, skin preparation pack, symptom diary & electrodes
  • You fit the Holter monitor using the instructions enclosed and the video 
  • Press the central button when you experience symptoms and make a note on the diary
  • Once the recording is completed, a courier will collect the device the next working day.
  • We send you the results electronically
  • If you are considering using this service we would advise you to call the Heart Rhythm Alliance on 01789867501, who will be able to offer advice and guidance.
  • Ambulatory ECG (Holter) is the ideal and NICE recommended method for correlating intermittent potentially cardiac symptoms such as shortness of breath, palpitations etc with ECG findings.
  • Many symptoms that we worry may be related to our heart could in fact be musculoskeletal or gastrointestinal or even just stress! A Home Heart Check is an easy unobtrusive way to put your mind at rest.
  • 24 Hour £95 48 Hour and up to 7 day event £105

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