Veterinary Holter Monitoring

Veterinary Holter Analysis

Comprehensive Cardiac Monitoring for Your Pets

We specialize in providing advanced cardiac monitoring solutions for veterinary practices, ensuring accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for your patients. With our state-of-the-art technology and experienced team, we offer reliable and comprehensive Holter analysis services tailored specifically for animals. At Express Diagnostics, we understand the importance of accurate diagnosis and continuous monitoring when it comes to cardiac health in animals. Our veterinary Holter analysis service offers a comprehensive assessment of the cardiac activity of your patients, allowing for early detection and monitoring of potential abnormalities or irregularities.

Veterinary Holter Analysis

Ambulatory ECG/Holter Monitoring Services for Veterinary Practices

Veterinary holter monitors are used to record episodes of the following typical occurrences:

They are also used to assess the severity of cardiac rhythm disturbances in the comfort of the dog’s own home.

We usually partner with HeartVets, as they have developed a ‘vest’ to maintain quality of the recording and Veterinary Cardiology insight to our technical report.

Please contact HeartVets for further information and pricing:

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